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We Asked Men to Tell Us What They Know About Boobs and We’re Still Laughing

If you’re in the mood to laugh, this one is for you. In case you’re unfamiliar, Health has been polling real men on everything they know about women’s health topics, from birth controland the g-spot to the placenta. In this video, we tested their breast IQ, asking them what they know about cup sizes, nipple covers, and mammograms. To call the results hilarious would be an understatement.

Let’s start from the beginning. First, we asked our dude panel to explain where you measure a woman’s body in order to determine her bra size. “A department store?” guessed one guy. “Maybe on one nipple?” another said. A third thought breast size was determined by measuring the distance between the breasts and the shoulders. Guys, just… no. Luckily one participant got closer when he guessed that you “wrap it around her whole body.” If he means around the fullest part of the bust and under the bust, he’s correct.

Almost none of the men knew what a nipple cover was (one guy mistook it for a sanitary pad!), but we let that one slide. Most entertaining might just be how they acted out a self breast exam, which, by the way, is no longer recommended as a cancer screening method. Let’s just say their demonstrations were, um, interesting? It’s a must-watch.

In all seriousness, a woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is one in eight, so it pays for you (and your partner) to know your breasts—well. Go ahead and educate your man if he’s unfamiliar with any of the above. Chances are he won’t mind one bit.


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