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The free bar does not fit to insult

The free bar does not fit to insult

Democracy is articulated through a network of guarantees that protect, first of all, the citizen against the State. But a Nation is not but the sum of all its citizens and also requires mechanisms of shelter necessary for coexistence . This is due to the spurious interpretations that some are making of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights , which condemns Spain for the prison term to two demonstrators who in 2007 burned a photo of the Kings . The ruling considers it an act of freedom of expression. But it can not be inferred that the burning of the portrait of the head of the State or of the national flag is always protected. No right, nor that of expression, is absolute.

The crime of insulting the Crown is included in our order in the same way that almost all European countries punish the desecration of their symbols. And the violations of the Penal Code can not be included in the bag of freedom of expression . The Catalan separatists are organizing masquerades to burn photos of Felipe VI in different municipalities, encouraged by the failure of Strasbourg. And, at the same time, as we are publishing today, the Office of the Prosecutor has begun to request that we stop acting against publications in the networks in which the King is qualified with niceties as “despicable”. It is urgent that justice demarcate the grain of straw, if we do not want some to take the same democracy ahead.

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