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Puigdemont supports the good decision of Rovira to leave Spain and says that they did not agree

Puigdemont supports the “good decision” of Rovira to leave Spain and says that they did not agree

The former president of the Generalitat and deputy of JxCat, Carles Puigdemont , has expressed his support and respect for the ” good decision ” of the general secretary of ERC , Marta Rovira , not to go to the Supreme Court on Friday and to leave Spain. Asked by journalists during a conference at the University of Helsinki, he assured that ” he had never spoken with Marta Rovira about this possibility and, therefore, it has not been a coordinated action”.

“I understand that Marta Rovira wants to emphasize this democratic anomaly that exists and, from this point of view, we can surely collaborate much more than we have done so far.” Regarding the decision of Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llaren to prosecute him and 12 other sovereign leaders for rebellion , he has considered that “it forms part of the itinerary of the general macrocause against the independence movement .” “It was evident: the idea of wanting to put an end to the independence movement continues “, he lamented, and asked to see if the steps to be taken in these types of cases have been correctly followed .

“We have to see if we have observed the procedures provided by Spanish law and what actions we can take before this prosecution,” he stressed. “Beyond the discrepancy, my affection” The mayor of Barelona, Ada Colau , has shown her solidarity with the members of Esquerra Republicana present in the town hall for the departure of Marta Rovira . “We have ERC colleagues that I know are having a bad time, and I want to show my affection, beyond the discrepancy, my affection,” Colau lamented. “It is not normal that we are in this situation , and we all have to put the best will to overcome it, ” said the mayor.

Iceta: “It’s a wrong decision” The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta , has assured this Friday that the departure abroad of the general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, is “a wrong decision and we should not add anything else”, ruling out to make more assessments on this matter. Neither has wanted to assess the possibility that the candidate for the investiture, Jordi Turull (JxCat), and the rest of the defendants may enter prison, and has appealed to respect the presumption of innocence until there is a final ruling.

Asked if he believes that Carles Puigdemont (JxCat) and Toni Comín (ERC) should leave the act of deputy to facilitate the investiture of Turull, Iceta has responded: ” What I think is that you can not be a deputy from Brussels .” “They try to beat the courts that they have not been able to win at the polls” The CUP has also wanted to support the decision of Marta Rovira . From social networks they wanted to send ” a big hug ” and have repeated once again that “we will work tirelessly so that you can all come back, we will work to make the Republic of all people”. Speaking to the Sixth, the deputy of the CUP , Natalia Sánchez , he lamented: “the chosen people see imprisoned or forced to take the path of exile finds that democracy in the Spanish state or is or is waiting.”

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