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Police show video of Uber’s deadly accident in Arizona

A video showing the accident in which a woman was killed while being rammed by an autonomous Uber company vehicle was made public this Wednesday by Tempe, Arizona police.
A short sequence shows the outside view of the Uber transport at the moment it hits a person walking next to a bicycle, but at that moment the recording is cut.
This was shown to the media due to the graphic magnitude of the impact, which occurred on Sunday night, according to a Tempe police statement.
The camera focused towards the outside of the vehicle shows how a woman appears walking in the middle of the road, in a very dark stretch, with her bicycle, and there is a scene where the collision is inevitable.
Another camera focuses alternately on the person operating the system inside the car, who looks down repeatedly until the accident occurs, which produces a surprise reaction when observing the accident.
The video has a total duration of 21 seconds.

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