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Police killing of Stephon Clark generates national attention as questions swirl

Police killing of Stephon Clark generates national attention as questions swirl

National control grows around the Sacramento police in connection with a large number of protests against the execution of Stephen Clark, an unarmed African American man.

Before their Sunday game at the Golden 1 Center, the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics players wore shirts with the name of Clark. The black shirts had the words “Responsibility”. We are one, “decorated on the front and” Stephen Clark “on the back.

NBA players wore T-shirts during warm-up before the game and continued to wear them during the national anthem game. Some players from both teams also filmed a video on social networks, saying that “these tragedies must stop” and “there must be responsibility”.

Police authorities and Sacramento urged the public to give them time to complete their investigation of the 22-year-old boy shooting in his backyard, including time, the police took the video when the officer said to disable the sound recording .
In an interview with The Times on Friday, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said that Clark’s death, despite being under investigation, “was wrong” and referred to the need not only is more administrative changes, but also pay for racism.

“Our children and men do not feel safe,” Steinberg said. “There is no danger if we act correctly if we aggressively try to change what needs to be changed.”
Others, including the minority leader in the home of Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco), were more outspoken; Pelosi said Clarke “must be alive today.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton said Sunday he was “alarmed” by the shooting. The police believed that Clark was armed with a weapon at that time, but only the mobile phone was restored at the scene.

Sharpton said he plans to attend Clark’s funeral on Thursday.

The death of Clark has caused tension in the state capital on Friday night, when protesters clashed with police in the riots, crowned a week of riots, during which protesters briefly closed off Interstate 5 and blocked access to the game, “Sacramento Kings.”
“Of course, this case has not received national attention, which, I think, deserves,” – said Sharpton in his segment on the “Politics” MSNBC, criticize Atti. General Jeff Sessions for not addressing police reform when he approached a black law enforcement group in Alabama last week. “Twenty shots of an unarmed man, I immediately became alarmed by this.

Speaking on the Sharpton show, Benjamin Crump, the Clark family’s lawyer, called the shooting “a tragic and useless murder.”

“He did not threaten the police, and the police did not warn him.” They did not identify themselves, “Crump said.

The incident began when the Sacramento police responded to Block 7,500 of 29th Street around 9:15 p.m. Authorities reported that after receiving the call, a man with a 6-foot nose in a black hood and dark pants burst into the vehicles. The caller said the man broke the car windows and hid in the backyard, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

The Sheriff’s helicopter, circling overhead, noticed a man in the yard around 9:25 pm. the authorities turned to him, authorities said. Deputies told the police that the man took the “tool box” and broke the window of the house.

Then the man saw that he was running south, towards the front of the house, where he stopped and looked at another car, police said. Following the instructions of the deputies, the officers entered the courtyard of the house and saw a man near the residence.

Police said officers ordered the man to stop and show them his hands, but he ran to the back of the house. They chased him in the backyard, where, according to the authorities, he turned and walked towards the officers “holding an object that stretched out in front of him”.

“The officers believed that the suspect pointed to a firearm, and fearing his safety, the officers fired their service weapons and beat the suspect several times,” the police department said in a prepared statement.

Clark was pronounced dead at the scene.

One of the questions that got the control is the moment in the police videos, when the officer listens, saying: “Hey, silly”, before the sound goes off.

The Sacramento police chief said the dampening problem was part of the investigation and added that “this creates suspicion.”

“This is what we have to look at,” said Daniel Khan, in an interview with KCRA-TV.

In the same interview, Khan described the shooting as “a tragic event for our entire community.”

Khan said he did not know if the reason

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