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Kevin O Leary Net Worth

Kevin O Leary Net Worth

Kevin O Leary Net Worth: $400 Million

Kevin O Leary Net Worth: Kevin O leary original isTerence Thomas. He was born on 9th July 1954 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is a businessman, television personality, and author. From 2004-14, he started O leary Funds and Softkey. He performed in various televisions shows such as business news programs, squeeze play, reality television shows Dragons Den, Redemption, The Lang and O leary Exchange etc. His face also appeared on very famous Channel “Discovery” in project Earth program. Further, he has appeared on “Shark Tank” which is the equivalent of Dragons Den American program.

Kevin co-founded a software products company “SoftKey”, which is a technology based company which sold much software related to education and entertainment. Softkey Company proves himself a big opponent for the big companies such as “Compton’s New Media” (The Learning Company and Broderbund) in early 80s-90s. These are the main factors which increase the Kevin O Leary Net Worth. Later, Kevin O Leary changed its name to the learning company and it was gain by the company “Mattel” in 1999. Learning Company sale makes the O Leary multimillionaire.

When he sold his company, he was fired by Mattel after significant losses and had to face my lawsuits from shareholders. He campaigned to be the head of the “Conservative Party of Canada” in 2017. He was a leader in the polls during election time. Unfortunately, he was dropped out due to a lack of support in Quebec in April 2017.

Kevin O Leary Net Worth history:

Sr. No Year Net worth
1 2018 $20 million
2 2017 $16 Million
3 2016 $10 Million
4 2015 $4-$6 Million


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Kevin O Leary Biography



Kevin O Leary Age: 62 Year, Born 09th July 1954
Nationality Irish Canadian
Kevin O Leary height and weight Height: approximately 5 feet 7 inch due to his body mass

Weight: 80 kg / 143lbs

Occupation Businessman, Television personality
Kevin O Leary wife His wife name is Linda and has two Children
Kevin O Leary Net Worth 2018: $400 Million in 2018

Kevin O Leary before fame

Kevin O Leary Net Worth 01
Kevin O Leary Net Worth

Kevin O Leary is a mixture of Irish and Lebanese that’s the reason he has to citizenships and he is known as Irish Canadian. He has one brother named Shane who worked with him in his company. When Kevin O leary was young his parents separate from each other. After this big sad event in his life, his father Terry died and he was left living with Georgette (mother). His mother married again after his father died when his family traveled all around the world due to his stepfather job in UN.  He got his early education in Stanstead and Montreal schools in Canada. He also went to Nepean High School and got secondary school certificate in Ottawa. He wants to become a photographer but his fortune takes him to the University of Waterloo. He got his MBA degree in entrepreneurship in the early 80s. this degree helped a lot to increase Kevin O Leary Net Worth.

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