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Inés Arrimadas: “My husband was a nationalist, now I try to take him away from that”

Inés Arrimadas , leader of Citizens in Catalonia and winner of the 21-D elections , stars in a spectacular photographic posed in the April issue of Telva magazine , which will go on sale tomorrow. The photos, taken in different scenarios, are accompanied by an interview in which the national spokesperson for Citizens also reveals some details about their family life and about their political activity. The most striking snapshot is the one in which Inés Arrimadas poses in the Parlamentdressed at night, with a black satin and gauze model by Diane Von Furstenberg , Jimmy Choo shoes and diamond earrings.

Cristina Larraondo , author of the report, gives a political interpretation to the photo of the leader of the Citizens’ ranks right next to the president’s office, Roger Torrent . “We proposed the challenge of putting on a powerful dress,” he says and tells how Arrimadas – advised by the photographer Toni Mateu – “extends his arms towards the red velvet curtains framed between two marble columns, turns, and, challenged, looks to camera as if he had done it all his life ». The leader of Ciudadanos jokes, while the photographer shoots. “With this bow, I’m looking a lot like my grandmother.” The rest of the photos of Telva’s report are taken in Barcelona’s Born and in the office, along with his team.

Regarding her family life, Arrimadas says that her husband, Xavier Cima , was deputy of CiU , but “he left the party when he stopped being what he was or what he seemed to be”, in reference to the independence drift . «My husband was a nationalist. Now I try to separate him from all this, “he adds.

The number one of the winning list of the regional elections is also pronounced on the political situation in Catalonia, the attacks of the PPagainst Citizens and their possible leap to national politics. Arrimadas detects “a great interest at the national and international level” for the project of Citizens and attributes his victory on 21-D to which he knew how to “answer” perfectly the story and “the lies” of the Catalan independence movement on Spain. “Nationalism has spent a lot of money in telling the world that Catalonia is a colony of Spain. And we have done more than the Government, which has not spent a minute in reversing that story ». About the attacks of the PP against Citizens, he assures that they do not give him “fear”, because he is “clean like a whistle”. Arrimadas reveals that some members of the PP say to him: «I do not want to, but Madrid is very nervous». “There is no PP attack that can stop the illusion of change we have,” he concludes.

Since his victory, speculation about the role of Arrimadas in national politics has proliferated. The protagonist responds to the interviewer’s question. “Now I would be very sorry to leave here, after all we have achieved, although in our party we do primaries and life can take many turns.” In any case, she points out, what Citizens have done in Catalonia “has already marked the national policy”, and remember that she is the national spokesperson of the party led by Albert Rivera .

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