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In a thousand years, all dead

There is no way to stop time. They say that the most intelligent thing is to live in the moment , that carpe diem that the poet Horacio coined half a century before Christ, but the truth is that life is still what happens to us as we plan the future . It makes sense, the plans feed on hope or illusion, essential fuels to feel alive. This was understood by Stephen Hawking who claimed not to fear death but was in no hurry to die because he still had many things to do. Perhaps the greatest achievement of this scientist, who revolutionized the way of understanding the universe with his studies on the big bang and black holes, outsidereach 76 years with a radical degenerative disease . His example of self-improvement would have already deserved the Nobel Prize that was never awarded him. His was a prodigious mind trapped in an anatomy in ruins. He kept his research projects alive paradoxically impregnated with fatalism. Hawking assured that, in order to have a future, humanity in the long term will have to leave Earth.
Guaranteeing their future is what they claimed on Saturday in the streets tens of thousands of Spanish retirees . His is not a partisan cause, although each one can impregnate it with the ideology that he wants. They only intend to ensure the retribution that was earned for years by quoting religiously to the public pension system and live in peace. The debate that took place on Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies failed to provide that peace , neither to them nor to those who are on the threshold of retirement, and even less to those who see it far away. The president’s efforts to present a promising future for pensions, to maintain the roadmap that marks his government,He collided with the very exercise of realism he had to do to defend the inexorable devaluation to which he submits them . To say that pensions will go up “as much as possible” is not to sleep peacefully.
Nor did the opposition appease anyone . There was everything, interesting ideas, some occurrences and also demagogy, the latter the worst recipe imaginable. The ills that plague the pension system require doctors of medicine, not curanderos or charlatans at the fair. That is why the most disturbing part of the debate was his immersion in the party scuffle , when what is needed is a great agreement within the reviled Toledo Pact.
Hawking defined intelligence as the ability to adapt to changes and it is obvious that the pension system requires profound structural changes. An integral, technical and rigorous therapy that guarantees the sustainability of the structure and the purchasing power of its beneficiaries. The British astrophysicist who died on Wednesday also said that humanity has a margin of a thousand years to travel to the stars before self-destructing. Let’s use while intelligence, at least until we’re all dead.

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