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halsey and G eazy
halsey and G eazy

Halsey Was ‘Worried’ About G-Eazy’s Wandering Eye Before Split: He ‘Loves The Female Fan Attention’

Halsey constantly feared that ex G-Eazy would be unfaithful to her during their relationship and it led to some serious issues that couldn’t be repaired.

Halsey, 24, was always aware that her ex G-Eazy, 29, would be surrounded by women due to his rap career and it’s what led to their second attempt at a romance not working out. “Halsey was always worried about G-Eazy‘s wandering eye,” a source close to Halsey EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He’s out performing all of the time on the road with girls everywhere and she was performing elsewhere and he loves the female fan attention. She was always worried about if he was being loyal and faithful.”

Halsey’s trust concerns were a main factor in her first breakup with G-Eazy back in July and many of her friends didn’t expect their reconciliation, which happened in Aug., to last because the issues were never fixed, according to a different source. “Once the circle of trust is broken, there’s really no point in trying again, but Halsey still loved G-Eazy, so she had to give it another try, so she did, and sure enough, it was the same result,” the source said.

Halsey and G-Eazy’s second split was confirmed on Oct. 23 and since then, Halsey has been posting some cryptic tweets about how happiness and pain co-exist. “reminder to self: happiness is not a replacement for misery,” Halsey’s first tweet began. “it’s an addition. pain will always be there. but that’s okay. u allow happiness to join as another option. so when the time comes, it’s there waiting, existing; a possibility for when you’re ready to choose.”

The singer went on with another tweet that explained her point even further. “@ me: life is not pain vs happiness. one does not replace the other. they exist together. happiness doesn’t arrive as a replacement. it arrives to assist u in carrying the weight of the pain,” she wrote. We’re not sure if the newly single star was directly addressing the way she was feeling about her breakup with G-Eazy but it definitely is a possibility.

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