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Grant Cardone Net Worth
Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone Net Worth: $300 Million

Grant Cardone net worth: Grant Cardone is an American Entrepreneur, Presenter, Writer, Radio personality, Salesman and motivational speaker. He has a $300 million dollars net worth. Grant was born in Louisiana Lake Charles in the month of March 1958. Grant Cardone and Gary are twin brothers and Grant was the fourth child of five children. He got graduation degree from the McNeese State University of America in 1981. He got Distinguished Alumnus Award in 2010 from the McNeese State University. In 1987, He moves to Chicago, Illinois for an automobile shop sales training with a company. He traveled a lot across the whole of America, La Jolla, and California for 12 years, Texas for five years and then finally settled in Houston, Los Angeles. The story not ended here, Grant Cardone addicted a drug problem and he entered in rehab at the age of 25 years old. After five years when he leaving rehab, he was a millionaire.

The house of Grant Cardone was featured on How had you get so rich? with Joan Rivers. He worked hard in automobile sales company as a salesman and later he was CEO of “Freedom Motorsports Group” Inc. He helped a lot to make the reality T.V series “Turnaround King” that aired on 2011. Cardone has owned Training technologies, Cardone Acquisitions, Enterprises and the Cardone Group which helps the trainee salesman from car dealerships and automobile shops. He has also real estate business which has $425 million dollars net worth of transactions.

It was reported that Grant Cardone real estate business owns $500 million dollars worth of investment properties across the United States. Grant Cardone also a book writer and he wrote many books including “You are Last” and “If You are Not First”. These books hit the record sales on Amazon and reached No. 01 and Barnes and Nobles and made the New York Times and the Wall Street Journals and best sellers lists. Television series, real estate business and books made possible Grant Cardone net worth to be increased. Cardone married Elena Lyons and they have two daughters together. Grant and his wife are the stars in self-produced web series “The G&E Show” which airs on each Wednesday.

Grant Cardone Net Worth and Salary

Grant Cardone has $300 million dollar net worth and salary.

Grant Cardone Net Worth
Grant Cardone Net Worth


Grant Cardone Biography

Bio Status
Grant Cardone   Age: 60 Years. He was born 21st March 1958
Nationality American
Grant Cardone height and weight


5 feet 09 inch

76 Kg

Occupation Entrepreneur, Presenter, Writer, Radio personality, Salesman and motivational speaker
Grant Cardone Wifes Elena Lyons
Grant Cardone Kids Scarlett and Sabrina
Grant Cardone   Net Worth Last Updated: 2018

Grant Cardone Net Worth by year

Year Grant Cardone Net worth
2018 $300 Million
2017 $280 Million
2016 $250 Million
2015 $200 Million

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