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Eagles Of Death Metal’s Jesse Hughes Blasts “Pathetic And Disgusting” Students Protesting Gun Violence

Over the past weekend, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and other countries around the world have sympathized with the survivors of the recent mass shootings in Park, Florida. The protesters demanded that the United States government take measures to control the weapons, and for this movement it became a fashionable moment. Many musicians attended, including Ariana Grande and Paul McCartney. But a musician took the opposite position, calling the protesters “repugnant vile offenders of the dead.” This musician, of course, was the leader of Eagles Of Death Metal Jesse Hughes.

As early as 2015, Hughes and the rest of his group survived a terrorist attack on their shows in the Bataclan room in Paris. 89 people were killed. This led to a great outpouring of love and support for Eagles Of Death Metal, and if Hughes actively tries to stop him, he does an excellent job.

Hughes accused the French laws of control of the murder. He suggested that the safety of this place was in him. He and his group were expelled from the great return of Bataklan. And now he posted an annoying speech about teenage protesters on Instagram.

Hughes published an image of a rough ant with gun control. And as an inscription, he wrote the following:

Obviously … The best thing that can be done to fight chronic abusers and neglect the law (for example, the law against murder) is … one more law! … Genius! …… but before adopting this law, “I’m going to mess up my memory and curse myself, using the death of 16 of our fellow students for several calls to Facebook and some media … and see how well the violations of Civil rights, as this applies to firearms, helped me protect myself and my friends in Paris! It’s almost like a plan similar to a child, maybe like a high school student … Oh wait. … Whitney Houston’s song about letting children go down the road did not really have a valid paradigm for life … and when the truth does not align with your story about the shit, it just holds its breath and tramples on the feet and you refuse except him … then take a few days off when the school plays with the hooks at the expense of 16 of your classmates … …! … would be funny if it were not so regrettable and disgusting … As a survivor of the mass shooting, I can tell you first-hand that That all of you, while protesting and dropping out of school, insulted the memory of those who, who were murdered and abused and abused me and any other lover of freedom with all your actions … Long live Rock’n’Roll … and let each of these abominable and vile offenders live as long as possible so they can have a maximum of how long to tolerate their shame … and damn …

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