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Do not pass by me Ringo has honored the most repetitive

Do not pass by me: Ringo has honoured ‘the most repetitive’

The Beatles Ringo Starr spoke of his “commotion” when he became a knight at Buckingham Palace.

Described as “the most backward knight of all time,” writer of music by Tim Rice, the honor was presented to the Duke of Cambridge. But Starr received the honor with his real name Richard Starkey for his services to music insisted that it was a complete surprise.

“It means a lot, I’m a little surprised, I sat in the Los Angeles newspaper and a letter arrived, and I was so surprised, but I think this is a great honor,” said the drummer yesterday after the ceremony.

“Many people I do not know, wrote a letter, which said ‘Congratulations, now is the time,’ but for me the time has come when it will come, and this is now.

“I just never thought about that, I just continued my life and we’re here, like I said, I’m very surprised.”

His knighthood title appeared more than 50 years after he and a group of companions John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison visited the palace to receive an MBE.

“Four of us came here, and that was exciting,” said Starr. “It was crazy, because there were only four guys who played music, and suddenly we are in the palace.”

Starr joins the only living Beatle, Paul McCartney, who was knighted in 1997 to receive honor.

He said that I had dinner with him last week and we both laughed about where we came from furthermore we were in a palace, and now it’s Sir Paul and Sir Richard.”

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