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Casey Neistat Net Worth
Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth: $13 Million

Casey Neistat net worth: We are talking about one of the best American Youtube Personality, producer, and director Casey Neistat. He has a net worth of $13 million. He was born in Connecticut, New London in 1981. Neistat had his first child at the age of 17. He and his wife lived in the trailer park for 3 years. In 2001, they moved to the New York City where he did work as a bike messenger. He started working in movies with his brother “Van” about sculptures. Casey Neistat did not get fame until 2003. He created his first short film named “iPod’s Dirty Secret” but this short film criticized due to Apple’s policy on replacing batteries. This video gets millions of views on the internet within a week, this film leads him to a media anger and got coverage across the country outlets like “Rolling Stone Magazine” of BBC News.

After one year he and his brother Van developed their own movie series namely “Science Experiments”. Each film has 15 minutes length and featured random experiments. It was a part of “Creative Times 59th Minutes program” and 26th “Sao Paulo Biennial. Case Neistat and his brother Van struck an 8 episode T.V series which was signed with “HBO” in 2008. Neistat uploads more than 80 videos on Youtube since 2010, including on about offering stickers of $2 bills and Chatroulette to his internet fans. Neistat has directed many T.V commercials for “Google” and “Nike” which are international brands, further he delivered lectures around the world. Neistat married with his girlfriend namely “Candice” in 2013, South Africa. While she was working as an actress in his short films

Casey Neistat Net Worth
Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat CNN Achievements

In 2016, CNN acquired Neistat and his brother company “Beme” for $25 million. It was a record deal. It is not clearly mentioned by the Youtuber for any other investors rather than CNN but it was a good start for the Youtube Star and it increased Casey Neistat Net Worth rapidly. CNN declares that the acquisition would help both brothers company to reach more millionaires while also strengthening their digital strategy.

Casey Neistat Biography

Bio Status
Casey Neistat  Age: 37 Years. He was born on 25th March 1981.
Nationality United States of America
Casey Neistat height and weight


1.75 m

73 Kg

Occupation Producer, Director, Actor, and Youtuber
Casey Neistat Wife Candice Pool
Casey Neistat Sons Francine Neistat, Owen Neistat
Casey Neistat  Net Worth Last Updated: 2018

Casey Neistat Net Worth by year

Year Net worth
2018 $13 Million
2017 $12 Million
2016 $11 Million
2015 $6 Million

Casey Neistat Quotes

  1. Ideas are cheap. Ideas are easy. Ideas are common. Everybody has ideas. Ideas are highly, highly overvalued. Execution is all that matters.
  2. Persistence and endurance will make you omnipotent.
  3. I actively pursue experiences that are unlike any others that I’ve experienced and cultures that I don’t know and unfamiliar places and unfamiliar history and things like that.
  4. Truth is so much more interesting than the fiction we’re used to.
  5. I don’t keep an ongoing dribble of updates of my day, but I tell little compartmentalized stories every day on Snapchat. I use it much more like making a movie than maintaining a diary. When people watch my 60-second clips, there’s a beginning, middle, and end.

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