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Arrested in Alicante the “genius” of a network of cybertraffickers of banks that stole 810,000 million euros

The National Police has arrested in Alicante a Ukrainian citizen, brain of one of the biggest networks of cyber tracker of banks in the whole world , that got to infect the operative systems of more than one hundred entities and to empty their ATMs remotely, of which he obtained 1,000 million dollars in a year.

With a higher degree in Computer Science, Ukrainian nationality and also with Russian passport, the detainee lived with his wife since 2014 without great excesses in Alicante and is considered by researchers who followed the track as a “computer genius”.

After three years of investigations, the Central Cybercrime Unit, in collaboration with the Special Prosecutor for Computer Crime and Europol, together with the support of the FBI, Interpol and agents of the Belarusian police, has succeeded in arresting and dismantling this organization that had arrived to achieve more than 1,000 million dollars (about 810,000 million euros) in just one year by misappropriating “remote” banks.

The Minister of the Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido, accompanied by the police officers of the General Commissioner of Judicial Police, the cybercrime unit and Europol, has reported on this operation in which the leader has been arrested in Alicante – he has been residing since 2014 – of the organization and another fifteen people in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Belarus and Kizijistan.

The organization basically used two methods to dock “entities” online. On the one hand, it sent mass emails to those banks with an attached file that contained malware (the detainee was its creator) that managed to infect that computer and opened the door to these cybercriminals to enter the critical systems of the bank.

Once they had taken control of the ATMs, the network had mules to collect the tickets in bags , although they also managed to rob the banks’ boxes by modifying balances and making transfers.

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