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A woman in Arizona killed by an autonomous Uber vehicle dies

It would be the first fatal hit in which an autonomous car participates.
A woman has died in Temple, Arizona, after being hit by an autonomous Uber car , as reported by the US city police. This would be the first fatal hit of an autonomous car.
According to the agency, the car was in autonomous mode , although a driver was sitting at the pilot’s station.
The outrage occurred during the night from Sunday to Monday (the exact time has not been specified) when the woman was crossing outside a zebra crossing . After the outrage, the woman was taken to the hospital, where she died hours later.
For its part, the company has expressed its condolences to the family through Twitter and confirms that it is “cooperating fully” with the authorities in charge of investigating the incident.
After what happened, Uber has suspended all tests of its autonomous cars, which was taking place in the cities of Tempe, Pittsburgh, San Francisco (United States) and Toronto (Canada).

It is not the only accident

More than a year ago the company resumed testing of its autonomous vehicles in these cities and the southern state of the United States after being previously suspended for another accident also occurred in Arizona and in which one of its cars was involved.
Then doubts arose about whether the sensors and cameras in the front of the vehicle should have a faster reaction, to detect and react to the movements of the other car involved in the event.
In the cities of Tempe and Scottsdale, Uber customers have the option of choosing a Volvo XC90 autonomous vehicle to transport them to the place they want, but, because the program is still in its testing phase , employees of the company They travel in the front.

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