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polio-like illness
polio-like illness

155 cases of polio-like illness now under investigation, CDC says

ATLANTA – polio-like illness-More people are getting sick from a rare condition that can paralyze children.

The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday it is investigating 155 patients with AFM.

That is nearly 30 new cases from last week.

A Clayton County woman wants you to know it can affect adults too.

polio-like illness
polio-like illness

Tandrea Watkins is paralyzed from the waist down. polio-like illness

She reached out to Channel 2 Action News after seeing our story about a Cartersville toddler suffering from partial paralysis.

“My thing is you get sick, common cold, flu, anything, go to the doctor. If you start seeing weakness, go see somebody, because it could happen all in a matter of seconds,” Watkins said. polio-like illness

The CDC has confirmed 62 cases of AFM in 22 states this year, including Georgia.


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