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Rockets end Trail Blazers 13 game win streak

13th game win streak, Rockets end Trail Blazers

The rockets just made it look like that. Once again.

Another game until the last minute, the Rockets and the exhausted crowd are roaring, the missiles made what they were. Rocket dropped the Blazers 9-2 explosions, and then continued, 115-111, ending a winning streak “Bleyzerz Trail”, with 13 games and they went home with three remarkably similar victories on the road.

With missiles clinging to a two-point lead, James Harden did what he had at each stage of the trip. He switched to Jusuf Nurkić, ran for the clock and pinned him down 3. He went to Damian Lillard, ran for the clock and reached a 3. When he got lost, PJ Tucker got the rebound and established Harden Trevor Ariza for a 3-pointer.

The missiles are led by nine with the remaining one to one, but it was difficult to maintain. Lillard made three free throws. Nurkic blocks the Harden record sending Lillard to rest, and C.J. McCollum put the runner in an alley to shorten the lead to two with the remaining 28.3 seconds. Chris Paul missed the shot, but went with a rebound and froze the win from the line with 1.3 seconds left.

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